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TempCras is an easy-to-use, real-time, web-based temperature monitoring to assist manager and technicians to properly monitor their cold-chain. It is comprised of remote sensors that are connected to the cloud server and the online web-based software system that can be accessed from any computer and smartphone that is connected to the internet. The system has also an attribute of sending alert sms messages to pre-determined phone numbers of managers whenever temperature of the asset in their cold-chain goes beyond the maximum limit of the required levels. The system interface is designed so as to give optimum amount of  

current information of the cold-chain. The readings are color-coded to show normal temperatures (green), marginal temperatures (yellow) and high temperatures (red). The system is able to produce reports (daily and monthly) and graphs of temperature readings recorded by the system on the assets. 

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The Polytechnic Design Studio will be accepting walking dollar for 3D printing services.

The Bitwalking platform converts human movement into digital currency. A new value system that is equal, healthy, and responsible. To join now download the Bitwalking App from

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Eight Annual National Undergraduate Global Health Technologies Design Competition

The Rice 360° Eighth Annual Undergraduate Global Health Technologies Design Competition will be held on Friday, March 23, 2018 in the Bioscience Research Collaborative Auditorium at Rice University.

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