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Polytechnic Design Studio offers a specialized engineering lab or workshop, that provides space, equipment and materials for users to design, prototype, and deploy solutions to real-world challenges.

The Design Studio
News & Events

1. Speaker Series: Engineering Design

Polytechnic Design Studio is excited to present an Expert Talk for the month of March on Design and Application of Robotics as pertaining to lower extreme assistive devices by Will Moyo, Design Studio Manager for Polytechnic and MUST. The presentation will take place on Friday 13 March 2020 from 3 - 4 PM at Polytechnic Design Studio

Click on the following link to sign up

Join the inventor community at Polytechnic Design Studio and start inventing


01 Training

Digital Technology

& Maker Skills


for Users

Hands-On. Learner-Centred. Multidisciplinary.

The Design Studio offers a variety of training workshops to educate members to integrate maker mindset and technology skillset into design projects and academic work. Members are also trained on the safe and proper use of our equipment. 

02 Programs





The innovation culture is heating up as people in business, higher education and the public sector are using design to create change. We offer learning experiences and innovation opportunities for professionals, educators, and students from beyond Polytechnic.

The Design Studio is a significant effort to prepare multidisciplinary STEM employees and entrepreneurs for the purposes of innovation, invention and production


Visit the Design Studio to become a member! Membership costs

MWK 2000 /month for students or MWK 5000 /month for non-students

100Mb Data Free with FB

Innovative Community

Local Experts

Arduino and Raspberry Pi Microcontrollers, and More

Laser Cutter, CNC Machine and 3D Printers 

Working space for you and your team to design and prototype

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