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What is the Design Studio

The Design Studio is a center for innovation and entrepreneurship that bring together a cross-disciplinary community of students, faculty, staff, and innovators who all share a passion for building new ideas into reality. This iconic facility features cutting-edge technologies for prototyping ideas as well as a full spectrum of resources for entrepreneurs to build and grow their business ventures. Uniquely, this space is open to the public and serves as a central link for collaborations for science, technology and engineering by innovators from around our community

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Overview of our Offerings

As a current student from MUBAS or our counterpart higher learning institutions, you can drop in and work on your innovative idea from within our space. You can also attend our workshops. And, you can also have hands-on learning experience by utilizing high tech tools such as 3D printers and computer aided design (CAD) programs. You can also apply to the Project Support Program (PSP) for more hands-on accelerated help with your idea.

If you're a MUBAS alumni or innovator/entrepreneur from the community, you’re welcome to use the space to share your ideas, meet other users who are working on their startups, or to build your idea into a product. Whether you have a seed of an idea, are working on something that’s more fully developed, or have even an iota of interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, we’re here to help you explore. 

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