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Access for Students and Recent Graduates 

For student users, the Design Studio is accessible only via registration of membership, with access granted to those who have registered to use the facility.  Student utilization of the facility and its activities at any given time is limited to those who comply to the Terms of Use that govern the appropriate use of the facility and have an active subscription of their membership in one of the supported plans defined below.

A student can register for membership at the Design Studio if he/she:

  • is taking a course that has to do hands-on practice in the Design Studio

  • is a member of a team working on a project supported by the Design Studio

  • is an undergraduate engineering student working with an engineering faculty member on a design project that supports an undergraduate engineering course.

  • is a student from other science faculties at Polytechnic who needs access to the Design Studio for academic related work as approved by the department

  • is a STEM recent graduate student from Polytechnic working as a teaching assistant or research/design intern who needs access to the facility to work in the Design Studio

Only those students who fall into one or more of the above categories are eligible to request use Design Studio resources such as the working benches, prototyping equipment and components or computation tools. Students that are involved in a for-profit or non-profit organization, that is outside the realm of a Polytechnic program or university-approved student organization/club, SHOULD NOT use the Design Studio resources to benefit that project or organization.

Membership Subscription Plans

   1. Basic Level

For the rate of  MWK 2,000 per month, Basic Level membership includes access to the working space and basic resources as referenced within the Tools and Materials Index for use within the Design Studio space.

   2. User Plus Level

For the rate of MWK 5, 000 per month, User Plus Level membership offer privileges outlined on Basic Level as well as access to participate in  capacity building and technical maker skills workshops, either face-to-face or online, as referenced within the Digital Technology and Maker Skills Training Index. User's access to digital technology equipment such as 3D printers, CNC router, laser cutter, PCB printer and soldering and rework stations is exclusive to respective training session.

   3. Project Level
For the rate of MWK 10,000 per month, Project Level membership offer privileges outlined on User Plus Level, in addition to full time access to digital technology equipment and access to starter pack of prototyping components and materials as referenced within the Design Project Starter Pack Resources Index.

Access for Faculty and Staff

All Faculty and Staff  should meet at least one of the the criteria outlined below and accept to comply to the Terms of Use, to be eligible  to access the Design Studio. 

Faculty and Staff can have access if they:

  • Teaching a course in the Design Studio

  • Mentoring student teams in the Design Studio

  • Working on events at the Design Studio

  • Conducting tours at the Design Studio

  • Participating in other College-related activities in the Design Studio (e.g., outreach workshops)