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Well it's been a busy week!! Started with a meeting with Maureen Vale, a biomedical engineer working with Rice 360. Maureen invited Kingsley, another biomedical engineer working with Rice and Queen Elizabeth central hospital. She showed thePhilips Intellivue neonatal patient monitor and how it operates and Kingsley also showed the Neonatal Monitor that was developed by Rice and how it works. He showed us how it has 3 separate boards for each function. One board for temperature, another for blood pressure and another one for oxygen saturation and pulse. Then they also taught us the knowledge they have on vein finders since vein finders are not available in malawi. Our meeting ended at around 11AM then we also met prince Mtethaonga and had a short meeting with him. After these meetings we returned back to the design studio and continued our research.

Tuesday came and we continued with our research , compiling our design context review document and filling our reference worksheets. We were supposed to have a meeting with George, a biomedical engineer working with Nest 360 but sadly our meeting was postponed to Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived and we were busier than ever!! We still had not completed our research and had a few hour to, since our presentation and submission of our research was meant to be on Thursday. Our DCR and reference worksheets were not complied. So this really gave a hard time since we had a little time. We worked tirelessly to complete our research. M jkj . After the meeting we went back to the design studio and were informed that our presentations on Thursday had been postponed to Monday the next week.

On thursday since we were supposed to have presentations but didn't we just continued with our research and compilations all day. In the evening we were then informed that the workshop we were supposed to have on friday had been postponed to a later date.

Friday we started off with the next stage of the engineering design process which was coming up with the design criteria. We had some activities to help us understand this stage. Then in the afternoon we continued with our research.

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