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The second week began on a low note. The TAs introduced us to the task of the week, which is understanding problem context, on Monday morning. We were advised to watch videos on YouTube that explained what is involved in understanding problem context as an introduction. Following that, we had a discussion with the TAs and completed the activities in the book. The thoughts, arguments, and everything else that went on to help us understand the big picture of what was going on were incredible. It took the entire day to complete this task.

On Tuesday, we continued our discussions in the morning and had a "debate" about the case study on a need-to-know list that we were meant to analyze, in which everyone had to make a position and back it up, which took a long time, and the TAs ended the "debate." During lunch, my teammates and I conducted an oxygen analyzer interview with Alinafe Mtitimila, a member of the former oxygen analyzer team. He spoke about the problem we're trying to solve, the hurdles they ran across while working on this project, how we can improve the oxygen analyzer they built, and a lot more. This interview was quite beneficial! Later that afternoon, we devised a need-to-know list for each of our three projects, which will aid us in diving deep into the problems we're addressing.

On Wednesday, the day of the workshop. We had a workshop with Mr. M.T Mafuta on needs finding and project scoping which is basically how to look for problems to be solved, a process of finding a project. This workshop took us the whole day and we learnt a lot of things. One of the things I learnt was that there are a lot of problems that surround us and that need engineering solutions. Lunch and refreshments were also served, bringing a lot of JOY to the team.

On Thursday, my teammates and I, team MAISHA, we had a meeting with Prince Mtenthaonga at QECH (NEST360) that was schedule for 10:45 AM but we started late because the team before us took longer than expected and it was exhausting waiting for them team finishing because of the sun and there was no shade. We then met him and the meeting went well, he took us through the training kit and the oxygen analyzer and we didn’t do the nebulizer because of time and he said we can schedule another meeting with him to finalize. In the afternoon, we started with the Design Context Review (DCR), and after receiving a briefing on what was expected of us, we realized we were in for a busy week!

The entire day on Friday, June 17, 2022, was spent researching and writing the DCR, as well as summarizing it in the reference worksheets. We were told that we would have to continue our research until next week and that a presentation would be held on Thursday.

Overall, it was an amazing week; I learned more about the projects that our team is working on, and I'm getting to know the rest of the team better; everyone was more interactive this week than last. This week was full of laughs, and I'm looking forward to many weeks of WORKING WITH JOY!!

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