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The week began with the group's Wednesday deliverables being evaluated. I then started working on the vein finder's image processing, and with the assistance of my coworker Innocent Samuel, I was able to crack the code for histogram equalization of the acquired picture. In the afternoon, we were attempting to apply a Thresholding effect to the image, but after multiple attempts with the applications, we encountered difficulties.

The next day, the group discussion on Wednesday's remaining deliverables got underway. We then started working on the Laparoscopic Training Kit's enclosure by printing the rails required to connect the kit's components. In the late afternoon, we tried out image processing and camera and projector synchronization.

I carried on working on the vein finder's picture processing into the early hours of Wednesday. After giving a presentation to Ms. Maureen Vale in the afternoon, we were fortunate to get a visit from some Rice Guests. They were delighted to see our initiatives and their advancement, and they were complimentary of us. They did advise us not to give up, though, since this is a typical step in the engineering design process and the prototypes may not work.

We worked on the camera and projector angles on Thursday morning to make sure that there is good synchronization between these two to suit the project's design criteria. We also worked on the whole layout of the vein finder, including all of the important components. The buzzer mechanism for the Neonatal Monitor and the shell for the Laparoscopic Training Kit were both being worked on.

On Friday morning, we were focusing on improving the resolution of the vein finder's camera and projector because they have different resolutions and can't be positioned on the same location within the device. The biggest criticism we received during our afternoon group presentations in front of our TAs was that we needed to make attractive casings for each of our three projects.

The week has been quite interesting after we presented all three of our proposals to the RICE Guests and got great feedback from them.

Despite being drained, I am a clever engineer.

I adore you all, so let's get together the following week, which also happens to be our last week of the internship. Wonderland living is a life unto itself. The voyage is nearly complete.

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