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Wow what a week and I thought the previous one was bad. My week basically started on Sunday. My group members and I met to finish brainstorming. We wanted to make sure our brainstormed ideas were solid ideas. We ended up with 11 ideas for the training kit, 12 for the vein finder and 10 for the neonatal monitor. We did this all morning and left around 12 in the afternoon.

Monday came in and we started preparing for our Tuesday's presentation. We started with documenting our design criteria and justifying our target values. Then we started our screening of ideas process. We ended up with 3 best ideas for each project and took it through the scoring process. After scoring we finally had one idea for each project.

We then had presentations on Tuesday on our final concept and how we came up with it as our final idea. Presentations went on all morning and we got a lot of feedback on our concepts and how we did the work and because of the feedback we were required to re do the work or in other words perfect the work we had already done. In the afternoon we had a workshop with Chikumbutso on the introduction in electronics and computer programming. It was mostly a revision of what we had already learnt in the previous years. We were introduced to the Arduino (a microprocessor we’d be using for our projects).

Wednesday was a public holiday but my group members met to re do our work based on the feedback we were given. We perfected our design criteria and re-worked on our screening and scoring matrices. We also started brainstorming on the neonatal monitor because our final concept might have been a replication of already existing solutions.

Thursday we continued with the workshop but this time with Brenald. This one was also revision with some hands one experience. Then in the afternoon we prepared for the next day’s presentation on the work we had re done.

Friday morning, I wasn’t available cause I had to go to the hospital but my group members filled me in on the work that had been done in the morning. In the afternoon we had to watch prototyping videos and then had to plan on how we will start and proceed with our prototyping. Overall it's been a great week and i can't wait for next week to start prototyping.

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