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This week was amazing because there was more fun activities that take place. On Monday we had an interview with Maureen Valle and George at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital (Rice 360) we alive there around 10 : 00 am and we did met with Maureen and she welcome us after greetings then she told us to wait for other group because they are still in an interview with them and we waited for them to finish they discussion up to 11:05 am is when our team started interview session with George and Maureen were we talk more about our three projects which are Nebulizer, Neonatal suction training kit and Oxygen analyzer. And we share different ideas that help us to understand more about our projects and take necessary steps for our project to progress we fished interview 12:45 pm. Then we go back to design studio where we discuss about what we talk during the interview then we continue writing design context review and worksheet.

Following day was all about research concerning our project on internet and writing down the important information that may be useful for the projects and also writing DCR and worksheet. On Wednesday we are all researching about the projects and writing DCR also Worksheet and having group discussion of our projects as we were preparing of presentation we supposed to have it tomorrow until our TAs told us that were not going to have presentation tomorrow because of some reasons. On Thursday we continue writing DCR and Worksheet also project prompt us we are told by Mr M. T. Mafuta on previous workshop.

On Friday our TAs give us activity to watch videos about design criteria after watching videos we supposed to answer question concerning the video we watched when done with questions we had presentation where each group have to present about design criteria. Even there is a lot of work to be done in short period of time but we believe we can that’s the word believe we can come from.

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