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This week started with finalizing building and doing connection of Nebulizer circuit by adding LEDs to show that is on standby and is now running we also add filters that filter out the dust particles and also bacteria’s before patient inhaled the medicine so that he/she may be safe as well but the design of nebulizer cup was not fit when joining it to mask and threads are not fitting so we design another nebulizer cup. We only left of writing the test plan of aerosols particles so that our TAs can approval it and we can continue test the aerosols particles size at Malawi Liverpool Truest if matches with our design criteria.

And we also do Oxygen analyzers together with design studio manager Mr. Hillary Lodzanyama and Brenald Dzonzi (TA) by changing Arduino coding and circuit connections but we had problem with sensor it was seems it has lose its sensitivity because it was not giving true values when connected to the oxygen concentrator and compered it with exist oxygen analyzer the following day we continue from what we left yesterday and around 11:00am photographer come as we were told by our TAs day before that he will come to take pictures of our projects progressions and headshots after photographer left we continue the prototyping as we prepare for presentations the following day unfortunately the day of presentation I was not available because I was taking care of family issues I just get from members that presentations goes well and visitors from RICE 360 also was there to appreciate our projects and they are really impressed with what they saw.

On Thursday I live at design studio 08:00am and my team members briefly explain to me how presentation goes yesterday they said that it went good then we starts fishing the work that left to be covered like printing the training kit base where all components will be putted using 3D printers and doing some soldering on board and on Friday is the day that we have another presentations we also visited by Grande Pantaleoni the co-founder of Sottosopra Malawi David and we do small presentations with him about 4-5 minutes every group then he left and 01:30pm is when another presentations starts with our TAs. After the presentations with my team we redesign oxygen analyzer casing because we add some components like pressure sensors and where the charging base will be for power.

Time is been best and awesome as more friendly we become to one another due to frequently interactions as far as sharing of skills and knowledge is concerned even although we were getting close to the end of internship period but we still had best memories.

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