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Busy Nights Ahead!

The week started low for me. I lost my grandfather over the weekend but I was unable to attend the funeral. I was pretty much in a low mood on Monday. I came knowing we as a team needed all hands-on deck. However, I had a quarrel with one of my team members which was later resolved when they apologized and even tried to make me laugh. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to present because I wasn’t strong enough however my group presented and they did really well. We presented our medium fidelity oxygen analyzer and a low fidelity drip monitor prototype. We finished off the day working on our prototypes and researching the vein finder for which we were still not sure the principle to use for vein location.

On Tuesday we continued researching about the drip system and the oxygen analyzer. And also adding different parts of codes we had outsourced or created to our already existing code. On Wednesday we continued working on the codes for drip monitor system but then we also added researching on the vein finder which we were really ahead of yet. In the end we decided to go for an LED vein finder as we wait for the IR lights. The led would be first made and tested on people. We would then add a potentiometer to our design to at least change resistance in the device which would then affect the intensity at which the LEDs projected.

The next day we waited for Khumbo who helped with the 3D design and that was worked on till around 11 AM. From 11 AM I was taught how to use the 3D printer and I tried to load the design into the printer, set the correct temperatures for our design and decide which filament was best for our design. However, we had issues calibrating and only managed to finish up by 1. We left the design printing and we went out for lunch in the common room. We were back from lunch by 2 PM. We closely monitored the 3D design whilst working on the drip monitoring system prototype. Will and Hillary came separately and checked on our progress whilst also advising us on the strategies we used to solve our given projects. We ended up leaving at 8 PM because the 3D design took 6+ hours to finish. And we finished up with the drip system prototype.

On Friday we finished up writing our weekly blogs, and we also edited our digital notebooks. We finished up with the vein locator prototype, continued with the drip monitoring system programming code. We were also finalizing the circuit design for both the oxygen analyzer and drip monitoring system.

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