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This week has been great and amazing as far as sharing of skills and knowledge also acquiring of more ideals is concern because as time go the more we interact with each other. On Monday we begin by having the team discussion so we can know how much work covered and what is not yet done also how much work remaining so that we can come up with the plan that can help us team Maisha to get work done within the time left. After fished the discussion we share task and then every member was busy doing the task that he/she was assigned to do and I was designing nebulizer casing and do soldering iron on board and on Friday will had presentation were we show functionality of our project we also accompanied by MUST students interns and after presentation we also had discussions with them because some of the projects that we are doing they are also doing by them.

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It is now final week of the internship period where every team was busy polishing up their projects preparing for final presentation on Friday. And our team we started the day with doing oxygen sensor

This week on Monday we continue with prototyping process and we had discuss with my team on concerning our three projects which are the following Nebulizer, Training kit and Oxygen analyzer then after

Started the week with group discussion plan of the deliverable of Friday presentation of prototypes where each member was give task to perform and I was given task of design cases of nebulizer cap and

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