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The first work of the week was to create the PowerPoint presentations for the Design Criteria, User Defined Scale, Concept Screening and Scoring Matrix, and the Winning Concept and its Part in Each of Our Three Projects. The assignment needed to be finished the entire day in order to be presented the next day.

We presented the PowerPoint presentation the following day in the early morning to our teaching assistants, Ms. Will Moyo, the design studio manager, and Maureen Vale, a RICE360 biomedical engineer located at QECH (Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital). Our group received criticism telling us to return to the drawing board and update the design criteria for all three of our projects, as well as to reevaluate the concepts since they should be founded on mechanisms rather than design decisions. In the afternoon, the teaching assistants introduced us to computer architecture, which we used to learn about electronics, as well as basic C++ and Arduino programming.

The other day was a public holiday, but our team came to the design studio to make the most of the break by working on the feedback from the presentations from the day before. We had to present the edited presentation the following day using the format that the Design Studio Manager, Ms. Will Moyo, had instructed us to use it.

The Teaching Assistants' presentation on Arduino programming resumed on Thursday morning, and we were given the assignment to perform some simple switching operations using the Arduino Microcontroller and the Arduino IDE. Afternoon: We received approval to begin the prototyping stage for the upcoming four weeks, but our teaching assistants first gave us instructions on how to enter the stage and how to conduct yourself in order for the stage to be successful. We rescheduled the presentations we were going to give before Design Studio Manager Will Moyo for the following day.

Our team presented the edited presentations of the design criteria, User Defined Scale, and the Evaluation of the Concept of the Three Projects (Training Kit, Neonatal Monitor, and Vein Finder) before the Teaching Assistants and the Design Studio Manager, Ms. Will Moyo, on Friday morning. They gave us the feedback to polish the design criteria again and to also evaluate the concepts of the Neonatal Monitor. The Low Fidelity Prototype and the 3D Design of all three projects were due by Thursday, so in the afternoon, our team created a weekly schedule on the prototype stage.

The entire week was incredibly significant in that it taught me personally how crucial it is to conduct a thorough literature research since it clarifies the differences between the project's mechanisms and the designer's decisions while developing concepts.

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