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Designing with elegance in mind

The internship's eighth week was all around prototyping. Since we had already come this far, it was assumed that most of our projects would begin to assume an aesthetically pleasing appearance and complete functioning, therefore the majority of the work we conducted over the week was to improve our prototypes.

We had our regular Monday meeting when we addressed the work assignments for each member as well as our workload from our deliverables. Making sure that the temperature readings on the neonatal monitor were accurate, I got to work. I also began developing the monitor's 3D design.

Our team members kept working on their various projects on Wednesday. I attempted to 3D print the neonatal monitor case, but I struggled with the printers since they kept breaking down. Eventually, we produced a case that was split into two halves, so we had to utilize that case for demos the next day. The neonatal monitor circuit was put together on perfboard the following day, and by 1: 30 in the afternoon, we had presented our projects to Ms. Will Moyo, our teaching assistants, and the two recently hired technicians for the design studio. They gave us helpful feedback, and we were able to turn in the deliverables for the following week.

Due to my illness, I was unable to attend Dzuka Africa's Start Me Up session on Friday.

As a whole, The week was extremely busy, which has become the norm for all of us as we are required to work primarily at odd hours to accomplish our deliverables.

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