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Well this has been a good week entirely, tight deadlines and presentations after presentations to outline our findings in literature on our projects and representation of our concepts and a winning concept. Tuesday was not a good day as I fell sick, thanks to the team which rose up to the occasion and presented on our three projects and got feedback on the same.

The feedback of the Tuesday presentations compelled our team to meet on the independence day for our republic wednesday 6th July 2022, what a way to celebrate independence. The essence of revisiting our presentations was to correct the anomalies that were there in the Tuesday presentations which among other things lacked the variation in principle of operation of the design choices we presented to qualify to be engineering concepts. The Wednesday meeting did not help us to finish the work as the work had to be carried over to thursday.

On Thursday we failed to successfully present via zoom as we had unfinished work with the powerpoints. On Friday we nailed it, the presentations went on smoothly and we received positive feedback on our work. We were excited and the same gave us the energy to restart.

The exciting news is that week six is the beginning of prototyping and on the same not we spent the afternoon of friday in planning the prototyping phase. Our team feels positive and expects to put in the best it can to achieve the best it can within the four weeks that are assigned for this task.

Well let's conclude this blog on this note, on thursday besides presentation rectification we also had a session on arduino to help us better understand how we can apply microprocessor technology in our prototypes. Well this was fun as a recent graduate, having used the microprocessor in my final year project this worked as a refresher session before the main meal in the week coming up.

We stand ready to start prototyping and truly we cant wait lets get our hands on them wires and electrical components. Join me again in the blog coming up for an update of the first week of prototyping.

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