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This week basically involved everything, like the events planned themselves. Anyway, on monday we had an online workshop on communication and presentation. This took longer than planned because of connection issues and our prototyping was shifted to the afternoon. We planned for the week and cross checked our components and split the work and started working on our deliverables for the week.

On Tuesday, I got to the design studio to continue the prototyping and we were told that the US ambassador was visiting the university and I had to help with presenting some of the products of the design studio eg pumani cpap, face shields etc. this was a great opportunity, I enjoyed it, loved it! When I got back to the studio we were told that we were going to have chiwaya with the ambassador. The chiwaya was great, made memories and also loved the documentation. As much as this was great, the prototyping time was delayed and started to stress. We tested the connection of the LCD, pressure sensor and also the compressor for the nebulizer, and also did some 3D modeling. This was progress for the day! Oh! Another thing is we were told that the evening transport will not be provided, which means reduced time.

On wednesday, this was all just prototyping, trying to meet the deliverables for the week. Things were going on well until we the Oxygen sensor started giving weird values, we asked Chiku and helped on how we can calibrate. On Thursday the same thing made progress here and there but started stressing because we couldn't print our training kit model since the 3D printers were all in use and the others were not functioning and we were running out of time. Later started printing and then was back to the O2 sensor. Hillary and Brenald helped us with the amplifier circuit and stuff but nothing made sense still, we stayed to 8pm.

On friday before the presentation we Brenald figured out that the sensor had a problem and used Travesy360’s sensor for the presentation. We had presentations in the afternoon and I loved the feedback because it helps us to improve our designs and stuff and also the nebulizer cup we designed didn't work as planned so we have to redesign. Basically, this was my week!

The week was a mixture of feelings, thus everything, everything and I learnt a lot of electronics this week and was great, loved, loved it!

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