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The appraisal of the group's Wednesday deliverables kicked off the week (TRAVEINEA). Then, I began working on the vein finder's image processing, and with the help of my teammate Madalifso Fadson, we were able to decipher the code for histogram equalization of the image obtained. We were working on the image's Thresholding effect in the afternoon, but after numerous efforts with the programs, we ran into issues.

The group discussion on Wednesday's remaining deliverables began the next day. Then, by printing the rails needed to link the kit's components, we began work on the Laparoscopic Training Kit's case. We experimented with image processing and camera and projector synchronization in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, in the early hours, I was working on the vein finder's button and autostart mechanisms. We gave a presentation to Ms. Maureen Vale in the afternoon, and then we had the good fortune to have Rice Guests drop by. We were thrilled to show them our projects and their progress, and they gave us positive feedback. However, they cautioned us not to get discouraged if the prototypes don't function because this is a normal part of the engineering design process.

On Thursday morning, I worked on the angle between the camera and the projector to ensure that there is a good coordination of these two to meet the project's design requirements. I also worked on the vein finder's complete layout, which includes all of the crucial parts. The Neonatal Monitor's buzzer mechanism and the Laparoscopic Training Kit's shell were both being worked on in the afternoon.

We were working on the vein finder's camera and projector's resolution on Friday morning because they have different resolutions and can't be aligned on the same area inside the device. We had group individual presentations in the afternoon in front of our TAs, and the main critique was that we needed to create classy casings for each of our three projects.

After presenting all three of our projects to the RICE Guests and receiving excellent comments from them, the week has been quite intriguing.

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