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First Week Experience

My name is Jacob Alinafe Mtitimila,a fourth year computer engineer and tech enthusiast at Malawi University of Business and sciences. On 31st of June 2021, I am privileged to start working with Rice 360 Health Institute as an intern. My internship is six weeks long, and I had the pleasure to be selected to work with three most incredible engineers, which made it all the more fun working right in the middle of attachment season.

Our team were given two projects that we need to work on, namely; low cost oxygen analyzer and vein locator. First week of the internship, we were oriented by Mr Wongani Msowoya, Design Studio technician, on different equipment; Laser cutters, 3D printers, PCB fabrication machines and many more.

Luckily, we had a visit at NEST 360 warehouse, getting to know how some medical components related to our project work. By the end of the week, Mr. Million Mafuta and Mr. Ng’anjo led by Will Moyo, hosted a workshop where we were taught on needs finding and project scoping. All in all it's an amazing experience. I was introduced to the world of Arduino and PCB designs by our teaching assistants and fellow interns.

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