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Good life experience

Started the week with presentation of research we did about our project and during presentations we were accompanied by Maureen Valle who is RICE 360 staff member. The presentations was great and fantastic each group was given 7 minutes to represent what they had found concerning their projects after every group presented one project one project our TAs and Maureen give each group feedback until all the groups presents their three projects the presentation was taking place at basic lab then after we go back to design studio were we end the day with the design criteria the following day I didn’t come to design studio because at my area there was funnel therefore I was there attending funnel. Next day I wasn`t feeling well whole day I was home.

And Thursday we continue with brainstorming with my group members and do discussion about ideas we generated then TAs told us to watch video of engineering decision making were we understand more about decision matrices, screening matrix and scoring matrix after watching the videos we were also told by TAs to do presentation and do video recording when presenting.

On Friday we have workshop with Dzuka Africa Organization they are two of them in this time were we discuss and learn about mindset change and problem & validation.

Learning outcome on mindset change

We should be able to:

  • To identify the business challenges and match them to the company`s need vs person needs.

  • Design the organization`s mission and vision statement

  • Design an elevator pitch

Learning outcome on problem and validation.

We should be able to:

  • Identify the type of business you are building

  • Know the difference and qualities of lifestyle business and growth business

  • Identify and validate the problem the business is solving (personal, business or society problems)

  • Have knowledge of what the problem is.

- Who is affected by the problem?

- When does it happen?

- Where does it happen?

- How big is the problem?

The time was not on our side so we have to stop even the workshop was still going great and wonderful we finish at 04:45 pm instead of 04:30 because people we are happy and enjoying.

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