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This week on Monday we continue with prototyping process and we had discuss with my team on concerning our three projects which are the following Nebulizer, Training kit and Oxygen analyzer then after we share task. And on following day we still working on the yesterday task of building circuit and designing casing of oxygen analyzer using fusion 360. Wednesday there is funeral in our area so I was home taking part in funeral ceremony were burial take place at Balaka and due to shortage of transport some of us sleep there in Balaka the following day we come back to home but at late hour so I didn’t go to design studio.

Friday we have workshop with Dzuka, session started at 10:00am were we discussed the value creation for customers and the learning outcomes are the following:

  • Identify the company’s uniqueness

  • Identify the type of customers the company must services

  • Identify the company’s competitors

  • Deduce the size of the market you are willing to service

We also had a meeting with one of the TAs from MUST were we talk about the training kit.

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