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This week started "okay" I think, anyway. On monday, the TAs told us to continue with brainstorming and we were going to have presentations the next day at 8 am. The whole day my team and I spent it on analyzing the ideas we came up with. The time was limited and I had to pull an all-nighter because I had not finished preparing the presentation and every time I tried to sleep the whole presentation thing was haunting me. To make things worse one of my team members was not feeling well and said will not make it for the presentation.

On Tuesday, I started off early because none of our presentations were complete….was already exhausted for the day. Luckily, Emmanuel helped us with finishing the presentations even though he was sick. I had a better presentation than I expected. Will, Chiku and Maureen gave us constructive feedback on the presentations. But!!! All groups were asked to present again on Thursday after taking the feedback into consideration. This drained me! In the afternoon, had an introduction to programming, microcontrollers, microprocessors, sensors etc with Chiku.

On Wednesday, the 6th of july, Malawi's independence day which meant we were on holiday, but!! We had a lot of work as a team and we had to meet. We planned to meet in the morning hours but ended up being there the whole day and the frustrating thing is we did not even finish the work and due time for the presentation was 8am on thursday and again could not sleep. These presentations kept Haunting me😭😭😭!!!!

Thursday came, tried to finish the work but couldn't. In the morning we had a Workshop with Brenald on the arduino and had to switch on an LED using a push button. A number of activities were done all morning and part of the afternoon. At 3pm we were scheduled to present the work on zoom with the corrections we were asked to make on tuesday and our group was the first, eeh the pressure because we had incomplete work. Anyway, we started presenting and then asked to stop because we had not put pictures of the concepts yet. Started working on the presentation and again had to continue presenting on Friday. Couldn't sleep again!!! Haunted!!! Literally had a dream about the presentation. Ehem!

On Friday, I had to finalize the presentations and we presented all the three projects and the feedback was great! From everyone present, Will, Hillary, Chiku. What a relief it was!!! Yoh. In the after My teammates and I planned for our prototypes on all the three projects and talked about how we can work better together. The day ended well, I guess.

Overall, the week was exhausting, I woke up tired, stayed tired all day and so on but it can't be a week without lessons. I learnt a lot of this, some of them being that anything is possible if you put in the work and also hard work pays. The arduino sessions and the introduction to programming, microcontrollers and stuff were great!

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