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Hi–Fi and Collaboration

This is the fifth week of the internship, we started off with a progress report presentation. We had to present how far we have gone with our prototypes since it was a prototyping week.

We developed a medium quality prototype for the concentrator and the UVC sterilizers as seen in the inserted images.

We also worked on the design of the casing for the oxygen concentrator. We designed the casing taking into consideration of the cost of materials as well as their availability on the local market. On Friday the 2nd of July we hosted our fellow internees from Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) Design Studio. The main agenda of the meeting was for them to learn on how we do Faculty Presentations as well as how we carry put different activities in our teams.

We did a presentation on all the stages that we have taken in the EDP (Engineering Design Process) for us to reach the prototyping phase. It was a good time interacting with them. They asked questions which helped us thinking deeper on our projects while giving them an insight of what was expected of them.

After the presentation we had a short time to interact on personal and team level.

I learnt a lot from the interactions with them. We had different perspectives on how to approach a common goa of tackling a design problem. It has been a good week for me I had learnt a lot of things from interactions I had with people from different teams and from MUST as well as at MUBAS. Lesson of the week;

“The learning process is simple with collaborations and team work”

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