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I am a Business Guru

I am enjoying the internship. This needs a practical mindset, determination, endurance and knowing how to ask the right questions in order to pull it off. The journey continues in learning, coding, designing so that we have a good implementation of our projects according to our design criteria. I need to learn 3D designing for the group. This was a task that I enjoyed as I learnt through the week. It requires a creative mind and a good computer. The only thing that was a challenge is the good computer to allow rendering and other 3D design functionalities. My computer kept freezing. I managed to pull off some designs by knowing that a good design will always come up with good designs despite having a challenge. No excuses.

One of the highlights of this week were the workshops by Dineo Mkwezalamba and Dr. Doug Sanyahumbi. They were on two separate days but I must say, my mind has been fully enlightened. These were both primarily focused on business. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshop facilitated by Dineo Mkwezalamba focused on how to nurture a business idea and properly choose an environment where the business if established would flourish. She emphasized that business "si malonda". Dr. Doug Sanyahumbi facilitated on how we can make opportunity assessments. He emphasized on the importance of the iteration in Technology Innovations. He said Technological innovations presents a compelling customer value proposition, have features and benefits that offer customer value and they need to be commercially viable. This week left me personally challenged on almost all areas of my life.

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