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ideation stage: A calming effect begins to take place.

As part of the week's opening, each team presented their research findings for each of the three projects. This was yet another interesting internship experience because it taught us how to effectively communicate our thoughts. Later that day, we received instruction on how to create the design criteria for our assigned tasks before setting the criteria itself. The next Tuesday, we continued establishing the design criteria for our projects, mostly utilizing user-defined scales to quantify the design requirements that could not previously be quantified.

We learned how to break down our projects into smaller subsystems on Wednesday. After doing so, we decomposed our projects and gave a brief presentation. Then, we discovered how to generate solutions through brainstorming. The following day, we continued this process and spent the entire day coming up with ideas. On this day, Will Moyo, our manager, checked on our progress and offered some advice on potential strategies. We finished the week with a session led by Dzuka Africa and overseen by Dee Mkweza, where we learned about developing and validating business ideas

In conclusion, this week was jam-packed with great experiences, especially in light of how busy the prior week was. I've gained a lot of knowledge and abilities that I believe will benefit my idea generation and business strategies.

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