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Initial prototype

Week six began with the assignment of developing low fidelity prototypes. On Monday Our team began with developing block diagrams and circuit diagrams for each of our projects. We also determined the dimensions of the 3D models of each of the devices we are building. Later that day we started constructing the 3D models for the three projects. Tuesday was dedicated to making laser cut cardboard models as well as circuit simulation of the circuit diagrams. On wednesday we finalized the laser cut cardboard models and testing the raspberry pi and camera integration and taking pictures for image processing.

On Thursday, we had presentation of our low fidelity prototypes with Will Moyo, Moreen, Chikumbutso and Brenald in attendance who gave feedback on our low fidelity prototypes. We were given ideas on what to improve, what to research. Unfortunately our team seemed was behind since we did not prepare our circuits on breadboard so we had a lot of work to catch up to where our friends had stopped.

On friday we had an entrepreneurship workshop with Dzuka Africa where we learnt alot no problem validation, problem tree, the theory of change and we concluded the day with preparation of our business models.

To sum up everything, we six was very amazing considering that we spent the entire week on the technical aspects of our projects. Despite this the week was also a challenging one as we spent alot of time working on the projects with minimum sleep sob by friday we were very exhausted.

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