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It is now final week of the internship period where every team was busy polishing up their projects preparing for final presentation on Friday. And our team we started the day with doing oxygen sensor and pressure sensor coding using Arduino uno also redesign the oxygen analyzer casing because what was printed during weekend was not printed out the way we wanted so design it again was only option using fusion 360. But by the time we finish the designing all the 3D printers were occupied by other team so because it was late we decided to print it the following day and we did now it fit well and also put all the connections for training kit(nasopharyngeal suction) in the case we printed out as we were preparing for presentations that supposed to start at 01:30pm but it started at 02:30 because of the documents that we are supposed to fill it concern the progress of our prototypes that’s why presentations started that time.

On Wednesday was special day because it was day of farewell to Will Moyo she is going to Zimbabwe to continue her studies, our TAs and us interns we give her small gift also we have lunch together with her of pizza and cakes that was prepared by Cletia one of the interns, after lunch everyone say the final best wishes so that she may know how much she mean to us that we really going to miss her and after she leave around half two then we go back to design studio and working on our prototypes.

Thursday was testing and preparing for final presentation day each team was busy practicing. And the Friday the big day comes for the final presentations that started at 01:30pm and during the morning hours all the teams were busy testing their projects every now and then to make sure that projects are still working and around 11:23am there was black out so everyone wonder if the presentation will going take place because some project were not battery powered so they require the ac power for them to function the good thing was that power back on before half 01:30pm the starting time and by the half one sharp presentations started and each team was given 4 minutes per project to present until all the three projects presented and during presentation we were accompanied by Will Moyo, the mubas design studio manager mr Hillary Lodzanyama, TAs Chikumbutso Walani, Brenald Dzonzi, photographer who was taking pictures during presentation also MUST students and the design studio technician Josh and also the skills lab manager mr Brian presentations end well around four o’clock then we had ten minutes tea break and having small discussions after this we are told that we should also do video recording of brief explaining the operation of each projects and we did

In conclusion I am grateful to be part of RICE360 2022 internship program and for those who take part to make this happen I really appreciate, internship was taking place at the MUBAS design studio. The internship period started on 17th June and ended on 19th August and we were the interns of different background such as telecommunication, biomedical, computer, electrical and industrial engineering this help us to share different knowledge and skills we have learned a from each other all intern we were 13.

Lastly I would like to give our team(team Maisha) credit for hard work, unity, and teamwork spirit I know it was not easy lord thumbs up to you Maisha and also thanks almighty God for energy reach this far.

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