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INTERNSHIP FINALE WHOA! ( hard to let go..)

This is the final week of the internship. This week was basically supposed to be us finalizing our projects (oxygen analyzer) and still one of our projects wasn't fully functional. On monday we were 3D designing the casing the whole morning and just lost the design in the afternoon so basically had to start it over again. On Tuesday, we did the printing and final touches on the other project like reprinting the cover for the nebulizer cup and also had one on one presentations with Brian and Josh.

On wednesday, integrated the gauge pressure sensor on the analyser circuit. So the highlight of the day was Wills farewell “mini party” that's what I would love to call it anyway. There was pizza, drinks and cake of course and guess who baked it! ME!!! Anyways just thankful and also this was an emotional time and amazing day at the same time.

Thursday was great because finally the oxygen analyser was fully functioning and ready for the presentations. Did the final touches againnnn! And now FRIDAY, the last day of the internship, we had the final presentations of all three projects and they were amazing and also couldn't believe we managed to do it in 11 weeks.

This has been a great experience/ journey for me. I have met a lot of amazing people, brilliant minds and also I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this and also the opportunities this internship will/ has open for me. The TAs were amazing and helped us all the way through, the Managers and everyone else. I can now confidently say that I have gained a lot of technical skills and the way I view the world has changed and definitely changed for the better.

The final words that were said were so emotional and honestly didn't want to let go of this experience. I will miss everyone and also the pressure kkkkkk!!!! Anyways, it was such an amazing journey. I also quote Hillary “ after this internship the ONLY way is UP”

BYE, UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!!! (where? I don't know! But definitely UP)

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