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Introductions and Team Assignments

Ever had a moment where you have dreamt for so long and it’s happening right in front of eyes and you seem to cant believe it? Yes, this is what I felt when I made it into the internship program. Now that I am here, I have to leave and impact as well as carry out the tasks we have been assigned. We are called team Ultra-Med. Christina, Kondwani and I are determined to be the solution to the needs in the medical field in Malawi. We will be solving a problem which requires our intervention when it comes to disinfection of masks, increasing the availability of oxygen concentrators and improving the methods that are used to help people with bone fractures and complications.

First week has been enlightening and refreshing. I was introduced to the aforementioned members that I already know but hadn’t worked with before. All in all, we have been able to achieve a strong mindset and a working mentality. I was also introduced to the people who will be in charge during the internship these are Will Moyo (Design Studio Manager, Malawi), Hope Chilunga and Francis Chilomo(TAs), Hillary Lodzanyama (Design Studio Manager, MUBAS), Joseph Chikaphonya (Faculty Mentor) and Wongani Msowoya (Design Studio Technician). These people are well trained in the technical field and engineering design and they are very supportive.

After orientation on the very first day on safety in the Design Studio, we started with the proceedings that will take us throughout the internship program.

Each team was given an assignment to work on and my team was given two assignments

  1. Ultra Violet Ray Sterilization of PPES

  2. Low-cost Oxygen Concentrator

Highlights of the week include presentations from Will Moyo, Mr. Million Mafuta and Mr. Sam Ng’anjo which highlighted on the importance of doing engineering concepts professionally. Through what we had learnt, we managed to get ahead of most groups with different projects we were given. We finished the week with enough confidence to take us throughout the internship program. I am benefitting a lot from this internship program than what I was expecting. I have been overwhelmed with the information that is at my disposal at the moment. There is a whole world of engineering that needs to be explored and I am glad I am part of this program. I am rising up from this point into the future.

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