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This week was supposed to be the last week of prototyping but because our systems were still incomplete and we continued prototyping. We planned to have presentations on Wednesday so we worked to meet Wednesday's deliverables. Most of our deliverables were to come up with proper casings for our projects and mostly a railing system for the laparoscopic training kit.

We started on Monday with the rails but the 3D printers kept jamming on us. This was very frustrating. We decided to continue with the 3D printing the next day.

Tuesday we continued with the 3D printing but unfortunately the same problems occurred. Our neonatal monitor's buzzer also stopped responding so we troubleshooted this all day. We later discovered it was ringing but at a very low tone.

Wednesday was presentations day and most of our issues had not been resolved. The buzzer was still not ringing and we didn’t have enough rails for the laparoscopic training kit. When presentation time came the neonatal monitor’s system completely crashed. This was also a very devastating moment.

Thursday we decided to start afresh to completely troubleshoot our systems.

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