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I won't lie; this week has been somewhat draining. We've been working on design criteria for our projects this week. In addition, we established user-defined scales for each project, keeping in mind how well our prior week's brainstorming session went.

For each project in our group, we had eleven brainstorming ideas (training kit, vein finder and neonatal monitor). These concepts were all evaluated using a regular random matrix. Each project produced three winning concepts that were put through the Pughs scoring matrix, and one of these three concepts was chosen as the winner. The concept moving forward with prototyping is the one that has won.

Our TA chiku walan, moureen from QECH, and Ms. WILL MOYO, the manager, led presentations on Monday. They provided us with input on the design criteria, concepts created, and concepts that were chosen as the best. They underlined the need for multiple mechanisms of operation in the concepts, which is the requirement we didn't satisfy. They recommended us to rework our concepts and submit them the following days.

On Tuesday, we proceeded to work on the issues that needed to be fixed. Chiku Walani gave a wonderful presentation on electronics and taught us how to use Arduino in the afternoon. simply to get us ready for the prototyping phase.

We resumed learning the Arduino language on Thursday. On how to read the signal from a push button switch and how to write the signal to turn on the LED, Brenald Dzozi gave us a lovely presentation. On a modest project, we created a code to activate the LED using a push-button switch. Later in the afternoon, we held a Zoom discussion with Ms. Will Moyo to discuss the advancements we had achieved in the areas she had requested that we investigate.

Buga time appears to be over. No more leisure time. I can smell how tiring Wonderland is. Either I remain or I depart. I have a choice. the age of prototype. Until next week, everyone.

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