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Life does not flow Backwards

After a weekend of catching up and revising all of the topics covered during the first week, the second week of my biomedical internship begins with the task of watching videos that help us better understand the context/problem and point out the four categories of our problem space. After watching, we discussed all of the categories with our Teaching Assistants. Since we began looking at step 2 of the Engineering Design Process, this is when I learned that life does not flow backwards.

The next day, our group (Traveinea) was given the task of creating a Need-to-Do list for all three projects, which will aid us in creating the design context review (DCR), and later that day, we met with Hope Khasu, a 2021 biomedical intern who also worked on developing the vein finder, and we asked her questions about the project they worked on last year.

Then, in the engineering boardroom, we attended a session on Needs Finding and Project Scoping presented by Mr Mafuta. We learned a lot of things that will benefit us when we start the engineering design process. He discussed the engineering design process in general, the concept of project scoping, and the 12 phases for scoping a project with potential Clients.

The week continued to be very exciting whereby we had our first interview at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Kangaroo Section with Prince Mtenthaonga who is working with RICE and KUHES as an epidemiologist and we presented all our projects that we are working on together with my fellow members on our group and he really helped us to understand all the problems that they are facing and what are the technologies that are needed in the sections of maternity and children as he is an expert in those sections hence, as a group, we had an insight on what we will be working on as we had an understanding on the problems context of the projects that we are working on especially the Neonatal Monitor Project.

We wrapped out the second week of our internship by conducting research on the projects we're working on and creating the Design Context Review and Reference worksheet. We simply divided the entire Need-to-Know list among ourselves in order to do research and create the design Context Review of the Need-to-Know list.

In conclusion, based on my experience during the second week of my internship program, LIFE DOES NOT FLOW BACKWARDS!!

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