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A starting point in the prototyping phase

  • This week we, as interns, focused on generating a physical form of our ideas and for our team we for the first time ever produced low fidelity prototypes in the Design studio of Malawi University of Business and Applied sciences. A nebulizer, Oxygen analyser and a nasopharyngeal suction were created. Above this we designed using wokwi the circuit for the training kit and also the oxygen analyser. The training kit circuit was also simulated.

3D models for the oxygen analyser casing and the nebulizer cup were also developed using Fusion 360. The whole process of developing the circuits, the 3D models and the digital circuits was intensive and fun, the work forced us to knock off as late as 11:00pm. The hard work of my team fellow members is what was also exciting this week, how our team coordinated to deliver the work was uniquely interesting and amazing.

Presentations on Thursday were the climax of the week as we had to showcase our low fidelity prototypes to fellow Engineers from Rice360 Nest360 and MUBAS design studio. The feedback we got was and continues to be helpful as we seek to perfect the ideas and deliver tech that saves lives.

Friday came with a workshop on entrepreneurship with Dzuka Africa. This was the time where we continued with the entrepreneurial lessons and indeed developing problem statements for our various business ideas, the hard part was improving what we thought were problems when in fact they were symptoms to become Problems. Personally was helpful because the company that i co founded now has a definite direction and we hope for a much better impact across africa in provision biomedical engineering services until next week its been your favourite biomedical Engineer Mr. Emmanuel Phiri Chauya.

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