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This week started with panicking, we had to complete our digital workbooks by 9:00 am and we were nowhere near completing it . Later in the afternoon, we started discussing the low prototypes in terms of the materials and planning the work for the week. In the evening

Tuesday, we continued where we had stopped the previous night, modeling circuit simulation even though it was a try and error process, frustrating I must say but also that's where one learns, right? This work was carried on to Wednesday. Later in the day my teammates and I started making the physical models of the projects, nebulizer, oxygen analyzer and the neonatal suction training kit. The circuit for the training kit was partly working and the Oxygen analyzer circuit isn't working, continued frustration kkkkkk!

Thursday, we had presentations in the afternoon and we used the morning to finalize the low fidelity prototypes. The work we presented was not exactly what we planned because the circuit for the O2 Analyzer wasn't functional and also we had issues with the sensors. Another thing is that I actually didn't present because I was not feeling well and I left for home. This sucked but anyway couldnt control it.

Friday, we had a workshop with Dzuka Africa, what a great and interactive session it was. Learned a lot of things, thinking bigger, providing solutions to the community while being an entrepreneur. I love these sessions because they are so lovely and stuff.

Overall, I had mixed feelings about this week, the prototyping, learning 3D designing and the like, the workshop and also I am already excited about the final products. I can not wait to see these projects fully functioning # EXCITED #TRUSTING THE PROCESS.

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