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Great expectations sometimes yield great results at times.

The third week of the internship was loaded with activities. My team had multiple interviews schedules with different health officers. We had a meeting with the head of orthopedics department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, disinfection officers at the disinfecting department as well as our clinical mentor. These meetings were a success.

Two workshops were also arranged for this week to train us on entrepreneurship. The first day (15th June) we had Dineo Mkwezalamba from Dzuka Africa (START ME UP). It was a nice presentation, very interactive and challenging. I had grabbed a lot of what she said since I was that expectant to learn and no moment was dull in the process. The major topics covered by her included the following;

  1. Business challenges

  2. Marketing

  3. Pricing (focused in the importance of book keeping for every penny spent in running the business)

  4. Revenue

  5. Pricing (How to price services and products)

  6. Bargaining

It was an adventure of a lifetime experienced in a matter of few minutes

The second seminar on the same topic of entrepreneurship, we had a presentation from Dr. Doug Sanyahumbi. He presented on different topics mostly focusing on technological innovations that can drive the nation and individuals into greatness. Some of the main topics covered during the presentation include the following.

  1. Invention

  2. Innovation

  3. Market Technology

  4. Entrepreneur’s mindset

  5. Financial Viability

These two presentations helped me gain a deeper insight into how the finance of the world operate and how I can be part of the contributor to the global market.

Another skill that I learnt this week is Project Management. One of our projects required outsourcing skills from other people mostly wood workers. So we worked with people from Office Furniture to help us cut the boards into pieces of specific dimensions.

Week three was pretty amazing.

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