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More Prototyping, More Fun

After we did our research and interviewed several personnel who are expertise in the field, we got enough information on how to go about our projects and then we started to make our prototypes on each project while still improving our learning skills along the way. There was a lot of problem solving as we then began to tackle the reality that some of our designs may have been good on paper and not implementable on the ground and in turn, I nourished my problem-solving skills as well as time management as we had to meet deadlines in making our projects.

After all the workshops we went back to working on our prototypes that we were given and now we had figured our third project, so as a group we were working on the low-cost oxygen analyzer, the vein locator, and a drip monitoring assist. We were in our prototyping stage, and this was the learning curve since I got to work on the C++ and Arduino programming, the 3D designing and the PCB designing and fabricating techniques and trust me am very good at those right now and am very well ready to take on the world and the engineering industry with all these skills.

When we were done with the prototypes, we had product presentations with our Teaching assistants and our program coordinator and with all the constructive criticism we were then able to pinpoint where we can improve our designs and do better as we aim towards making our final design.

So far so good I would say and the journey throughout this internship is getting more interesting and challenging and I mean what is an experience without a challenge for an engineer, this will greatly shape and sharpen me to the fullest. Well I would say my hopes and expectations for what I thought I would learn in the internship program have really surpassed my thoughts and I would not ask for more.

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