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This week seemed to last more than five days. This week was all about researching and understanding our projects (all three). On monday, we had a meeting with Maureen at the NEST360 office, QECH and to spice things up we invited a biomedical engineer, Kingsley . The meeting was fruitful since they shared their expertise with the existing solutions and we learned a lot about the projects. This discussion gave us a better insight of the direction that the MAISHA team will be heading in for the projects. More research and typing were done in the afternoon ( the design context review, reference worksheets, project prompts).

Tuesday was all about picking up where Monday left off, more research, and more typing. We met with George, an engineer at the NEST360 warehouse, in the afternoon. He wasn't there when we arrived since he was running late, but he directed us to Vitumbiko. We learnt a lot from them during this exciting interaction, and we also got to view the manikins, O2 sensors, and nebulizer parts that they have in the warehouse.

On Wednesday, it was a busy morning, preparing for presentations the next day which meant more research, more typing. In the afternoon my mood was lifted because they had told us that the presentations were shifted to the next monday. On Thursday it was the same routine, more research, more typing. Later in the afternoon we were then told that the workshop we were supposed to have was postponed to next friday which meant more research, more typing on friday 😢😢.

On friday, we had a session on design criteria and we did a mini presentation on it. Later in the afternoon we continued on our research. It was great because we did it in the boardroom and we had some refreshments while at it.

Overall, the week was tiring and anything in those lines. But I still learnt a lot from everything that was done. Friday was a turn around and I am glad I ended the week on that note.

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