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This week is when prototyping journey begins of low fidelity were each group is busy collect the materials for project from design studio technician Mr Wongan Nsowoya and sharing of skills and knowledge among groups because we are people of different knowledge as well as skills in order to move forward we help one another because regardless of belonging to different groups we are all serving same purpose which is to help health sector by developing or produce devices that can be used in Malawi hospitals to solve problems face in hospitals.

On Monday at 08:00 is the time I alive at design studio (maker space) and we had small discussions with my group members about our weekly plan of prototyping then after we share tasks that each member required to perform. And following day we continue with prototyping during lunch time we had workshop with design studio manager mr Hillary Lodzanyama were he highlighted more about the material (components) that he give to us like Display, sensors, Wednesday we continue with prototyping and following day is the day were we have our presentation of low fidelity prototype it was conducted at design studio the presentations started at 01:30 during presentation we accompanied by Maureen Valle, Will Moyo and TAs and each group was given 4 minutes for every project to present then feedback was given and Friday we had workshop with dzuka Africa were we continue with 5 whys questions and then theory of change, that maps out initiative through various stages below:

-identifying long term goals backward

-mapping and connecting the preconditions or requirements necessary to achieve that goal

-explaining why these precondition are necessary and sufficient

And we also do business modelling (business model is a company`s plan for how it will generate revenue and make a profit to survive)

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