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Since this is my first blog, I would like to begin with a brief introduction. My name is clement Kausiwa. I am currently pursuing my diploma in telecommunications and electronics engineering at Malawi University of business and applied science (MUBUS). This internship it means a lot to me because I feel it you give me hands of experience with not only projects but working with colleagues that may not in the same field as I am in and its great network opportunity.

The first day was very excitement day as I met with very friendly people’s arrived at the design studio on the 7th June by 8 am.

The morning was about the introductions and will explain to as a necessary steps to follow that we help us to reaching our goal and we were also group into teams and our projects introduced. I was put into a team with Cletia nsambo and Emmanuel Chauya and our projects are the following:

  • Training kit

  • Nebulizer

  • Oxygen analyzer

Then we sign the team contract after we discussed the rules of our team and every member was agreed. The will are introduced to the engineering design process.

The following day we have given task by our TA’s then each team was required to present what they have found about they had concerning the task we have given

And the next day will also have presentation and discuss the necessary questions ask the client according to the project each team was given.

Overall the week was amazing and it was great fun and beneficial. However, we face experiences and the challenges like internet being too slow when searching information about the project.

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