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My Internship Experience - Week 2

The second week began with presentations on the progress. It was here when we realized that we had gone too far ahead of ourselves and got stuck on improving existing methods instead of brainstorming other methods that may work. After the presentations, we took a step back to brainstorm on more solutions that may work. During the week, we visited a nurse at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital to talk to him about the problems with the suction machine and the pulse oximeter. From his point of view, he gave us suggestions and ideas concerning what might work. We visited George again on the second week to talk about the suction tank. He again answered the questions that we had on this topic and gave us a lot of helpful insights.

We were very privileged to meet Mr. Noah Kidenga, a dentist from Premier Specialist Clinic who met with us over coffee at a coffee shop called Barista. He explained of his experience with the dental mouth openers he has used before and gave us advantages and disadvantages of them. He took us to the clinic he works at and showed us the bite block which is what he often uses. I volunteered to have a first-hand experience of what he had said to us about the bite block. Below is a picture of me with the bite block in my mouth. Noah added silicon putty to the bite block to further clarify on stability.

Will Moyo taught us about design criteria and how you choose your design criteria. We watched several YouTube videos on design criteria as she explained to us in details what each of videos meant. This helped us to come up with one winning concept from all the solutions we brainstormed. Just as the week started, it was concluded with presentations on the last day. We explained our problem statements for each of the three projects, our design criteria and all the ideas we came up with during brainstorming. Finally, we presented our winning concept using the right methods in choosing the concept. Our group used the Pugh’s method to choose the winning concept. From the presentations, we were giving constructive criticism and advised on the way forward as we were about to start prototyping the following week.

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