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My Internship Experience - Week 4

This week has been nothing but prototyping. Monday started with presentations on progress and overall, we did well. Each team had prototypes to present which looked good. After seeing what other teams had done, we were challenged to come up with high fidelity prototypes. We printed another dental mouth that is currently still being perfected but is far better than the first prototype we came up with. The first one had a lot of problems and wasn’t doing the job well but the one we have now is better. It is still being perfected and closer to what we want it to do.

The second one was a big improvement from the first one.

We have done the electrical connections for the suction tank monitor and we are currently printing the cases where all the wires will be enclosed. So far, so good.

As for the pulse oximeter project, we might just need a lot more time to do this. Some of the components we needed are not in the design studio and they may not come here on time as they were ordered from outside the country. In preparation for the worst case scenario that the components don’t come through on time, we were advised to work with what is available in the design studio now. Therefore, we have had to go back and re-think the whole design and start over. We are almost done designing the circuit board and we are hoping it will work well once tested.

As far as designing it is concerned, below is the progress so far

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