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My Internship Experience - Week 5

Monday of the 5th week we had presentations. We presented on progress and how everything had been since the previous presentations. Our supervisors asked questions and made suggestions on how the prototypes could be improved for the better. From those presentations, we learned that we had indeed made a lot of progress since the day we began. The rest of the days till Thursday, we were perfecting the prototypes and implementing the suggestions given to us by our supervisor. We had planned to add a pressure sensor to the suction tank monitor but we put that idea on hold because the pulse oximeter project still needed more work. As for the dental mouth opener, a lot of work had been done on it and it was working well.

On Friday, we got visitors from the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST). They were our fellow interns and they had come to see what we had done so far in our projects. They asked questions after each presentation session to better understand what our projects are about. After meeting the MUST interns, we had secondary school kids who came to admire various projects happening in the design studio. We were available to explain to them what goes on in the design studio. After they left, we continued to work on projects as the workshop we were supposed to have that afternoon was cancelled. That was the end of the week.

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