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New Dawn

After a very relaxing and reflective weekend I had a good time to absorb all the lessons I had acquired by the end of week one of my internship. Now I was getting into a new week with its goals and objectives to accomplish. The second week started with team presentation on what we had covered in the first weeks that was problem identification and the solutions we had brainstormed on how to tackle our respective projects.

The second week was the busiest from more workshops that’s equal more knowledge, to more group presentations and more brainstorming and don’t forget we still had to come up with our third project and we were still working on that as we brainstormed and sieved ideas amongst the ones we came up with. We also had a zoom meeting about listening skills on a Thursday that day hosted by Emily Mitaro from the RICE University which was pretty interactive as we had a chance to discuss as teams in breakrooms and ask questions, and as I always say I never leave out of these workshops the same, but this time just figuratively because the lessons I got were priceless.

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