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This week was basically just prototyping and nothing more to it. On Monday we started with a bang because we had deliverables to be met by Wednesday so we stayed up till the night and also some of the components were not functioning and this took more time and was getting frustrating. The same thing applied to Tuesday just adding on the stress and stuff.

On Wednesday, we had one on one presentations and two of our projects are basically functioning and just need some changes and make them elegant. The project that is giving us problems is the Oxygen analyser. On Thursday we were basically working on the parts that need polishing up and stuff.

On Friday, we had Dzuka Africa and it was a great session except we had to meet a stakeholder for our 3D model on the training kit and it took longer than anticipated so I missed some part of the session.

Overall, the week had a lot going on trying to make this work while running against time.

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