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This week prototyping started we were required to come come up with a low fidelity prototype by Thursday and present it to everyone.

So Monday we began with 3D designs of our projects and digitally building circuits using the online platforms available. We also designed block diagrams of our systems to help us navigate how we were going to build our circuits.

Tuesday we started building our Prototype casings, we used the laser cutter to help us cut perfect shapes for our prototypes. We also continued with digitally building our circuits and simulating them. We experienced some problems with the codes but didn’t stop working on them. we also didn’t finish putting together our prototype casing but agreed to continue with that the next day.

Wednesday we assembled our prototype casing. Then we continued with working on our codes which really didn’t work out. Then we asked Chiku for advice and he taught us the tool we needed to get over our problem.

Thursday morning we continued working on our codes. We also continued setting up our infrared camera for the vein finder but unfortunately didn’t manage to complete it because of internet connectivity. We ended up presenting half baked low fidelity prototypes which we were not proud of but agreed to work on them tirelessly the coming week.

Friday we had Dzuka Africa team come in the design studio. They taught us about the theory of change and helped us fill business model canvases.

Overall it was a very interesting week and tiresome at the some time but I enjoyed it.

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