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Started the week with group discussion plan of the deliverable of Friday presentation of prototypes where each member was give task to perform and I was given task of design cases of nebulizer cap and case of compressor on fusion 360 (3D) and we also have a workshop with Buhle Tshabangu Moyo that focus on communication and presentation strategies that help communicate ideas more effectively. The workshop started at 10:00am to 01:30pm which take place on zoom, after the workshop we proceed with prototyping

Tuesday prototyping still in progress and on Wednesday we were visited by the American ambassador and each group explain to him about the projects they are building and during lunch time we had greatest time he take us to take away were he buy five different place of different people and everyone eat up to the point where there is no place in stomach were you can put (food) chips after the lunch ambassador leave and we go back to design studio to continue the prototyping the following day I was soldering the plate board also building circuits of our projects with guidance of TAs and Hillary the manager of design studio Friday was day of presentations and we were accompanied by Will Moyo, Hillary, TAs, Maureen, Nurse from Queenz hospital and MUST students every group was given 12 minutes( 4 minutes for each project) and questions asked and feedback was given to us so that we can improve whenever necessary

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It is now final week of the internship period where every team was busy polishing up their projects preparing for final presentation on Friday. And our team we started the day with doing oxygen sensor

This week has been great and amazing as far as sharing of skills and knowledge also acquiring of more ideals is concern because as time go the more we interact with each other. On Monday we begin by h

This week on Monday we continue with prototyping process and we had discuss with my team on concerning our three projects which are the following Nebulizer, Training kit and Oxygen analyzer then after

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