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Prototyping and Wedding Bells

This week was another exciting week for both the internship and well my sister was getting married so I had to work extra harder and sharpen my skills in 3D designing. I also had to travel for my sister’s wedding. I was required to come up with a 3D design for the Oxygen analyzer as well as the Vein Finder. This is the week where our projects were finally taking off. We had a clear direction of what we needed to do. The pressure could be felt on both sides. I saw the passion in my team to push for a high-fidelity design. The week ended in a flash. After designing the casing for the analyzer, I left the following day for Lilongwe to attend my sister’s Wedding. The journey itself was eventful but that is a story for another day. Lol.

Utilizing the power of networking and collaborating online, our team was working both online so that they keep me updated as well as working in the Design Studio. The highlight of this week happens to be the passion and the hard work that was shown for each of the projects we had. We were being challenged to become better each and every day

I had to rush back to Blantyre from Lilongwe on Sunday evening to be with my team on Monday for presentations. The presentations focused on the progress we had made the previous week. There was a lot of work to be done. The 3D printed version of the analyzer was fine but not great and for a first one, I was very proud of myself. It was not ergonomic enough, the other dimensions for other components to be in the design were not fully integrating with the design. The initial design was not compact enough. I had to come up with another one for the team. All in all, this was the first step to the many designs I will make using Autodesk Fusion 360. This was a good skill to learn in engineering design.

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