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This week we were expected to finalize our projects so we were busy and stuff. For my team we had like two functional projects and the oxygen analyser was still giving us issues. So on Monday we started printing a new model for our training kit which took the whole day and also tested the oxygen sensor with an mkr arduino . So basically the whole day was cool and amazing because the oxygen sensor finally worked!!! Yeyy!! On Tuesday, we continued everything and stuff and then started printing the other half of the head which finished the next day. The printing took uhmm..12hr each just to have the halves not fit properly hence annoying!!!!!!!

On wednesday we had presentations with Maureen and I would say they went well because only one project wasn't functional. Later in the day we had guests from RICE and so we had to present to them. They loved our presentations and it was great presenting to them. On Thursday, we continued prototyping assuming Friday was the last day of prototyping and hence TENSED!! My highlight for the day was troubleshooting the oxygen analyser circuit and the code took almost all day sooooo stressing! Good thing it worked and thanks to Emmanuel Ngwala.

Friday, we were busy “perfecting” our projects for the presentation and again this presentation went well and we are remaining with one major project which we are hoping is done by tuesday. This project was delayed due to issues beyond our control. Happy day I would say.

Overall , the week was full of mixed emotions, running against time so we finalize the projects and the good part was the feedback from the presentation.

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