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Prototyping overdue

Although testing was supposed to be the focus of the week, week eleven started out unexpectedly with us having to work on prototyping for our Wednesday deliverables. I spent the majority of this week doing the final 3D plans for the vein finder and the rails for the laser-cut case for the laparoscopic training kit. For me, 3D design was the focus of Monday.

We attempted to assemble the laparoscopic training kit on Tuesday after discussing the remaining deliverables and printing one rail to determine if the design for the rails would, in fact, function. To be totally certain about the concept, we chose to print more rails. Since the newborn monitor wasn't functioning in the previous session, I also performed some circuit troubleshooting. After making multiple efforts, I finally found a solution that called for using the Arduino's VCC pin rather than its 5V pin.

In preparation for the afternoon's presentations, we put together the laparoscopic training equipment and vein finder on Wednesday. While other groups were presenting to Ms. Maureen Vale, we were informed that guests from Rice360 were coming to check on our progress. As a result, we postponed our presentation to her and instead waited for the visitors. The day came to a close after we showed the visitors two of our work and received encouraging feedback.

Since most of our gadgets were functioning by this point, only the casings remained to be done on Thursday. As Innocent, one of our team members, was determining the angle to install the camera, we had made the decision to print new case for the veinfinder. We attempted to create additional rails for the training set, but were unable because no 3D printers were available.

After trying the I idea of generating rails, which ultimately showed no signs of working, we decided on Friday to come up with a 3D casing for our training kit. Over the course of the next weekend, we worked on printing the casing.

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