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Reality Sets In

On Monday the 7th of June, presentations were held in front of Will, Mr. J.C Phiri, Hillary, Hope and Francis to check our projects. Team Oxate, we called ourselves was last to present. However, our presentations did not go very well because we partially misunderstood the assignment. We were not utilizing the design process and had jumped to the device we wanted to come up with and that limited our brainstorming process. We were told of our flaws, so we understood. The presentations lasted all morning, and we were told there would be other presentations on Friday. After lunch, we sat down and as a team we analyzed what we could have done to make the better. The team’s direction for the week was also discussed. We then analyzed an oxygen analyzer by opening it and looking at its working principle.

On Tuesday, we spent the morning brainstorming for what our third project would be. We brainstormed and researched all the ideas we came up with in the morning. This process was pretty long but proved worth it because it helped us gain insight into what exactly the projects, we thought about were about. In the afternoon Will taught us about the second part in the design process which was brainstorming. After this we spent the rest of our day coming up with the design criteria of our first and second projects name; Oxygen analyzer and Vein locator. On the third day we chose our third project, The drip monitoring system and came up with the design criteria for this system. After this we went for lunch and in the afternoon, we brainstormed possible ideas for the vein locator and oxygen analyzer.

On Thursday, we started evaluation of all the brainstormed ideas but all we did all ideas we deemed crazy in all the brainstormed solutions. A suggestion was made to use Pugh’s method of evaluation and we had to research about that. We had to read on and that happened through out the day. We started the evaluation process but never finished so we decided to have a zoom call in evening in the evening to discuss further. At 7pm we called each other and for an hour we discussed the method of evaluation and some of the evaluations to be done. On Friday, June 11, 2021, we arrived as early as possible and compiled all the documents into a ppt and we again presented. The presentations started at 9am we were the first group to present. We were told we had improved from the last presentation however some areas for improvement were still pointed out. The presentations lasted the whole morning. I had lunch with Daisy, one of the other interns. After lunch we continued with our team objectives which was basically starting to research about the software and hardware for our chosen projects.

The week was good. After the excitement of the previous week had died down, we really started to work as a team and learn about the right way of going about our projects. It was also a week of personal growth for me because I got to learn about components which was amazing and honestly thrilling! I can’t wait on the steps we’ll take in the next coming week. Bring on the prototyping!!!!!!!!!!

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