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It is now week number five. This week was also great because it was the week that we felt a little bit free because last week was very busy.

And on Monday were continuing what we left last week on engineering design making were we do decision matrices because after brainstorming we generate a lot of ideas about our three projects so we have to narrow them down and the strategies that we use are the following common sense, screening matrix and scoring matrix then we select the concepts that win and we also do some discussion with my group members to get prepare for presentation that tomorrow will take place at basic lab. The following day I alive at design studio 07:15am the presentations was supposed to start at 08:00 because one member (Emmanuel) of our group was not feeling well so he did not come so we have to present two of us, me and Cletia but although Emmanuel was not feeling well he do great work by sending the block diagrams of all the three projects which show commitment and team work spirit this give me reason to title this weekly document TEAMWORK SPIRIT. During the presentation we were accompanied by Will Moyo, Maureen Valle and one of our TA Chikumbutso Walani. Each group was given feedback on every project they presented so we can do some correction when it is necessary. The presentation ended well then we closed the day by doing some introduction to Arduino where Chikumbutso Walani explained it to us to remind us what we have learnt in class.

And the next day was holiday (06 July) so I was home doing some research on our projects and the following day we started with TA (Brenald Dzonzi) continue explaining to us about Arduino and we also write codes that controls light emitting diodes (LED) then after Chikumbutso help us how we can get started with our prototype we also prepare for presentation that will take place tomorrow. On Friday is the day that presentation take place that conducted at design studio and we were given feedback by TA, Will Mayo, TAs from MUST and our fell interns after presentation Chikumbutso explain to us on how to use a Gantt chart we clossed the week with discussion with my team members then write down our plan that will help us the way forward.

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