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The Amazing Experience - Week 2

Day 1 (07 June 2021)

On the day each team including ours presents feedback to faculty mentors on problem context, design criteria and Literature Review. The present Mentors are Will Moyo, Hillary Lodzanyama, Hope Kelvin Chilunga, Francis Chilomo, Wongani Msowoya and Joseph Chikaphonya Phiri. We also decide to call our third Project “Movwili” which is Tumbuka meaning “Helper”. Tumbuka is one of Malawi’s widely spoken Language.

Day 2 (08 June 2021)

This is a Team Work Day. Our team gets together and continues on the projects. We work towards defining design criteria and we start to evaluate the solutions. We look into each solution and rate it in accordance to the design criteria.

Day 3 (09 June 2021)

Another team work day. We scratch our heads to identify which solution best suits the Need. We keep going over and over all the suggested solutions and rate them accordingly. On this day we had an interview with Two NEST warehouse Engineers George and Vitumbiko. They enlighten us on understanding the problem and the solutions that are currently available. This helps us to clearly understand what we really are up against.

Day 4 (10 June 2021)

The team continue to bump our heads together to evaluate the discussed content for the previous meeting with George and Vitumbiko. We get to continue the team’s projects and evaluate our solutions. In accordance to the meeting the day before, we add in more Design Objectives. We also adjust some design criteria to suit the set Healthy Concentrator Requirements.

Day 5 (11 June 2021)

Another chance to present the problem context, design criteria and the concepts developed. On this day we also present which solution we have decided to make a prototype for and why that is the case. The team gets to be questioned on various concepts and content presented. This presentation is to the Faculty Mentors, Design Studio staff and Fellow interns.

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